Photographs of Carfree Areas  - click on thumbnails to see full version (.jpg format).   To save onto your own computer, wait for the download to complete then from the "File" menu of your browser choose "Save As" and specify where you want to save the file.

British Examples

Bristol Harbourside

The Brunswick, Bloomsbury

Exeter Princesshay

Vauban, Freiburg

Hamburg Carfree Areas

Saarlandstrasse - phase 1

Saarlandstrasse phase 2




Cologne - Stellwerk 60


Groningen City Centre (partly carfree - entirely closed to through traffic)

Louvain La Neuve (Pedestrian Town)

Rue Charlemagne - recent addition to the town centre

"La Dalle" as seen from the side - extension project underway nearby

Residential Area showing carfree street