Short Stories Onlie

Appeal to the Ancestors

After a break of nearly twenty years I have recently returned to fiction writing. This story, set in another time, was published by Platform for Prose in 2021.

The Price

This story, set in Salcombe, was published in Devon Life in 2002.  Apart from the prices, everything it tells is just as relevant today, possibly more so.

I wrote this when exploring the battlefields on the 85th anniversary of The Somme.


This was inspired by a painting and a castle with an unusual story in Portugal.  For ClŠudia.

Fire in the Head - Online

This story of the frustrations of a new writer won the "most promising newcomer award" in the Viewpoint Portfolio 2001 short story competition.  (In case my publishers are reading - this is fiction, not autobiography!)

A Celtic Understanding - Online

Cycling across Brittany for the Festival Interceltique in 2000, I met an old woman in a cafe on a crossroads who told me a strange and illuminating story.  Later that week, one of the Festival processions was delayed following a bomb threat from Breton nationalists.  These two, obliquely related events inspired me to write this.