Academic Writings

Most of my academic writings are now available on U.W.E's research repository (see my publication list).  A few earlier exceptions are below:

2010 Carfree, Low-Car - What's the Difference? Presented to the European Transport Conference, Glasgow, October 2010
2010 Potential for Carfree Development in the UK
Doctoral Thesis (pdf 2.7 MB)
(Zip File)
2009 Transport Energy Descent Plan for Oxford (pdf - 3.7 MB) Report for Sustrans and Transition Town Oxford
Powerpoint Presentation to Transition Town Conference
2008 Cycling and Filtered Permeability in Northern Europe Working paper describing observations made on a cycle tour through Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
2008 Neighbourhoods Should be Made Permeable for Walking and Cycling But Not for Cars Local Transport Today, January 23rd
Powerpoint Presentation on Filtered Permeability

2007 Ecotown Mobility Develops the concept of filtered permeability to explain why European planners have been more successful than UK counterparts in reducing car use.
Published in Town & Country Planning, November 2007
2006 On the Road to Sustainability -
Transport & Carfree Living in Freiburg
During the summer of 2006 I cycled to Freiburg in Germany, and wrote this paper for University of the West of England Healthy Cities Group.